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Learn how to treat the body from a holistic and balanced perspective. Our courses incorporate Chinese and Ayurvedic Medicine as well as Western Herbal medicine.

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Take one of our Natural Therapy correspondence courses. These are self pace, self study courses with access to an instructor tutor.

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Our short intensive massage courses are conducted in major cities worldwide. Find a location near you for more information.

Our Courses

Massage Certificate Course
Raynor Massage Certificate

Quickly develop skills with our 5 day introductory Massage Certificate course.

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Raynor Massage Dip Course
Raynor Massage Diploma

Become incredibly effective with two weeks of intensive massage training.

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Raynor Advanced Practitoners Dip Course
Raynor Advanced Practitoners Diploma

Develop skills to make your treatments even more effective and transformative.

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Diploma of Naturopathy Course
Diploma of Naturopathy

Learn how to prevent and manage illnesses naturally with this correspondence course.

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Herbal Medicine Course
Herbal Medicine

Become a certified planetary herbalist and gain a strong foundation in the history, principles, and practices of worldwide herbal medicine.

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Flower Essences Course
Flower Essences

Become a certified Flower Essences Practitioner and learn a simple and readily accessible way people can heal themselves.

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Ayurvedic & Traditional Chinese Medicine Course
Ayurvedic & Traditional Chinese Medicine

Learn how to use natural methods to assist in the art of balancing the mind, body and soul.

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Wholefood Nutrition Course
Wholefood Nutrition

Learn the benefits of vegetarian whole foods have on our body and how to prepare them.

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Vegan Nutrition Course
Vegan Nutrition Course

Learn science-based reasons why a whole food, plant-based (WFPB) diet is the superior choice for optimum nutrition.

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We have been teaching massage therapy for over twenty years and continue to touch many people’s lives helping them bring healing and positive change to others.

Internationally Recognised

Accredited member of the Massage Association of Australia, IICT, the World Massage Federation, and INTA.

  • Massage Association of Australia
  • International Institute for Complimentary Therapists
  • INTA
  • World Massage Federation

Raynor Massage Training In The UK

Our massage courses are designed for people who are serious about learning how to massage in as short a period of time as possible while having the highest quality massage training available. We have adopted the world’s best practices when it comes to both the type of massage that we teach plus the quality and the way we teach our massage courses.

Raynor Massage is an intensive style of massage that explores the connection between the body and its muscular tension and the emotional states of tension and stress that may have contributed to, or caused, that muscular tension. It is a holistic style of massage therapy drawing on ancient principals that its founder Naturopath Brandon Raynor developed after taking many years to learn massage from styles such as ancient Japanese shiatsu massage, Ayurvedic massage from India, Chinese massage, Thai massage and Hawaiian massage as well as the more common forms of massage such as Remedial, Therapeutic, Swedish (or classical) and Deep Tissue Massage.

After studying and experiencing all these different styles of massage Brandon Raynor understood the common theme of what massage is trying to achieve both from an ancient perspective from the Orient and from a modern perspective.

With this in mind over the last 20 or so years he has gradually developed his style of massage known as Raynor massage. Raynor massage has been taught since 1999 when he first started full time teaching in Australia. Since then the Raynor massage school has expanded all over the world and we now teach Raynor Massage in our massage courses in most of the English speaking world.

Raynor Massage is unlike any other form of body work with an emphasis on finding any tension in the musculature of the body and then working to get rid of that tension. Many times people’s muscles are tight in one area, but that tension is held, or anchored, elsewhere. While a person’s hip may be tight this could be because of tension in the foot or they may have a tight neck because their hands are tight.

Raynor Massage looks at the body in this interconnected way. We find tension, then we trace it to its source and we get rid of it. We also work on the interconnectedness between emotional tension and physical tension. In this way we emphasise areas to massage, such as the abdomen, which is the centre of most peoples’ emotional stress. No other style of massage is quite as effective at working like this as Raynor massage is.

We hope you enjoy reading more about Raynor massage both on this website and on our international website. Our massage courses are held throughout the year in the UK and also in a variety of locations around the world such as Hawaii, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

We have divided up our course into 3 distinct courses to make it easier for you to learn Raynor massage. Our first massage course is our 5 day certificate course which is our “basics and essentials” course. Here you will get an intensive introduction to Raynor massage and also learn enough to be able to do a proper full body massage on your friends and family as well as this being an introductory course for those wanting to set up their own practice.

For the more serious students we recommend the combined 10 day Raynor massage Certificate and Diploma Programme. This course teaches you all you need to know about Raynor Massage in depth and also teaches you about reflexology as a part of Raynor massage and also provides an introduction to the use of aromatherapy massage oils in massage.

For those who already have their Raynor Diploma or for new students who want to get straight in to the maximum depth and study all three levels consecutively, then we also have our Advanced Practitioner’s course. Here we focus more specifically on aspects of Raynor massage such as the abdomen, the sacrum, the neck, and how muscular tension can even pull bones out of alignment.

For more information about our massage courses please contact us using our contact us form and we will send you an information pack and answer any questions you may have.

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Sean Houlihan
Five Star Rating
"I was working on a yacht at the time I enrolled on the diploma course. My boss kindly offered to pay for me to go on a massage course. I was looking for something that would give me enough knowledge for me to expand on but wasn't going to be too heavy on the academic side. I enrolled on the Diploma as it covered multiple styles and methods of traditional massages in a short amount of time. Little did I know that this course would have one of the biggest impacts on my life than almost any other experienced healing practices I had previously undertaken. Those two week enriched my whole view of the body and mind and much, much more. Brandon and Cory were honest, very open and extremely thorough with their teachings. I never felt the stress of written exams or like I was falling behind at any point as they made sure everyone was keeping up with the information, most of which was hands on. I could write an essay but I'll save time by saying that doors of opportunity that have opened with my qualification have been amazing. In combination with yoga and personal training, massage has become a very powerful tool and the missing link in the puzzle of true health and healing. For that I am incredibly grateful!"